Rope Access Specialists – Abseil Your Way Out of the Recession

Conventional forms of access and egress such as scaffolding and cradles have until recently been the premier choice for building maintenance, cleaning, inspection and general repair. Both of these disciplines offer a reliable form of access and are understandably trusted as a safe platform for works at height. However the financial implications along with the time frame to install these systems is always significant, sometimes extortionate and often disproportional to the amount of labor time required to complete the task.

The recent recession in Britain has led to many business’ over hauling their expenditure strategies and seeking ways to cut costs without introducing the dreaded redundancy. Building maintenance is no exception and in a recession commercial business owners often target any refurbishment as a sure way to make an immediate saving on funds. Although the downside of this approach is a building that is neglected and will eventually lead to an increasingly expensive refurbishment program if ignored.

Rope access offers a viable and sustainable solution to the growing cost of high rise building cleaning and maintenance within the current climate and has little environmental impact. Rope access companies utilize abseiling work and rescue techniques as a means of work positioning to carry out multiple tasks at any height. With the advantage of a minimal set up time required, technicians can have their ropes installed and be working within an hour offering rope access a serious advantage over scaffolding. At the end of the working day all ropes are removed and the building or structure is left with no obvious signs of refurbishment works, allowing minimal disruption to the clients day to day business.

The advantages of rope access are obvious and combined these advantages reduce the cost and increase the affordability of refurbishment work especially in this challenging economic environment where any saving helps.

Rope access companies are pushing home the advantage during this period as the commercial and industrial sectors are forced to seek alternative methods to access solutions. Even prior to the recession rope access was considered a growth industry with more and more people convinced of its economical flexibility and exemplary safety record.

Rope access is fully recognized by the Health and Safety Executive and most companies follow guidelines set out by IRATA – the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association and the British Standards Institute. There exists 3 levels of competency with each level requiring 1000 hours of signed hours before progression to the next level is permitted via an independently assessed training course. Companies are capable of providing technicians with multiple skills and specialist trades as in any industry and quality of workmanship is equally as important.

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