Parallels SVP Automation Oleg Melnikov Joins Runa Capital as Part-Time CTO

Parallels SVP Automation Oleg Melnikov Joins Runa Capital as Part-Time CTO

Nicole Henderson on May 23, 2013


Runa Capital has named Oleg Melnikov chief technical officer, and he will remain senior vice president of automation at Parallels

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Technology venture capital firm Runa Capital announced on Thursday that it has named Oleg Melnikov chief technical officer.

Melnikov will remain senior vice president at Parallels, and his role at Runa Capital will be part-time. Parallels has strong ties to Runa Capital as its co-founders started the hosting software-focused venture capital firm in August 2012. Its portfolio includes startups Jelastic, ecwid, nginx and BackupAgent, who secured a $ 2 million investment from Runa Capital in March.

In his role at Runa Capital, Melnikov will have several duties including providing feedback to Runa and company CEO/CTOs regarding technology, products and software architecture setup and processes,  support startup CEO and CTOs in architecture and product map decisions car hire and carry out due diligence for Runa pipeline technology startups. It appears that Melnikov has been involved with Runa Capital since October 2012, according to his bio on the site, though this is the first official announcement of his role.

“I’m very excited to lead and advise Runa and its portfolio companies in technology,” Melnikov said in a statement. “I believe Runa Capital is one of the world’s best venture capital funds for technology startups with a unique portfolio and promising perspectives. Runa Capital offers a unique set of tools for any young, fast-growing company consulting them in business development, finance, strategy, marketing, PR, recruiting, GR and other issues. I’m happy to join the Runa team to support startups in technology.”

“Oleg’s outstanding experience with Parallels allows Runa to invest in the most disruptive technologies and support them both on daily basis and through Parallels University Bootcamp events which we regularly organize for our portfolio companies,” Beloussov said in a statement. “Oleg’s results-oriented car hire approach and strategic thinking will help our start-ups to build outstanding products and become world leaders in their markets.”

Melnikov has more than 15 years of experience in the software business and currently manages the team of developers working on Parallels Automation solutions. In his time at Parallels, he has managed several engineering projects, and has experience in Internet technologies, applications design and development, and online business. At Parallels partner conference in February, Melnikov gave an overview of the momentum Parallels Automation has seen. 

What do you think of Runa Capital’s latest hire? What do you think it will mean for Parallels? Let us know in a comment.

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